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Cloud Solutions

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In today's electronic world, we need to make sure your company stays ahead of the curve. Everything is moving online and into the cloud, but what does that really mean?

Techies sometimes default to technology lingo, but please know that it is just because we are so immersed in our world so we can make sure you don't have to be. Here is a brief explanation of what Cloud Services entail:

Take a look at the computer in front of you. You know that that computer has all of the files you need, the programs you use, and the websites you know and love.

Now imagine those things you are familiar with, but they exist only on the internet. That is how cloud services work. I know, I know... What if your computer crashes? Well, those files, programs, and websites would still be safe and functional because they are not saved on a physical machine. Instead, they exist through remote locations accessible only by those allowed in. 

Remember the last time you "googled" something? It's the same concept, but more secure! The information you need is stored on the internet instead of a hard drive and protected by AVRUA's Integrated Security Systems. 

In fact, we make sure those files, documents, and programs will not fail you. We guarantee this, backed by our incredible and unparalleled track record of over 6 years of protection from hacking!

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